What’s difference between fiber optic pigtail and fiber optic patch cord

I am often asked the question, What is Fiber Pigtail? What is a fiber optic patchcord? Are they any different? Today we will explain it, Fiber patchcord and fiber pigtail are not the same products. The main difference between them is the connector. The optical fiber patch cord has connectors at both ends. But the fiber optic pigtail with the connector is on only one end, another end is the fiber core. The core of the fiber can be seen through the section. Simply said, splitting the patch cord in two can be used as a pigtail. But the style of the pigtail is not just like this, I also have a 12-fiber bundle pigtail. It is also a kind of pigtail, you can see that it has no loose tube, just a 0.9mm tube with a connector. Fiber pigtails generally were spliced with other optical cables, often seen in fiber optic terminal boxes. They are used to connect optical cables and optical transceivers, Couplers, patch cords, etc. A fiber patch cord is used to directly connect fiber optic equipment and fiber optic cabling links. In terms of transmission performance, there is not much difference between fiber patch cords and fiber pigtails.