What is an MTP/MPO Fiber Connector and Why Should I Use It?

With the rapid growth of the internet and technology, data centers are a necessary part of any business. Data centers are used to store and process large data sets, making them essential for businesses both big and small. A key component in the effective functioning of a data center is a good fiber connector – and that’s where the MTP/MPO connector comes in. In this blog post, we will explain what an MTP/MPO fiber connector is and why it is important for businesses to use it.

What Is An MTP/MPO Fiber Connector?

An MTP/MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) Fiber Connector is a type of fiber optic connector that utilizes multiple fibers within one single cable. It uses a spring-loaded sliding mechanical latch that snaps into the adapter for locking. Guide pins on both sides of MT cores combine with guide pinholes of connectors on the other end to achieve precise alignment of optical fibers. This allows for quick re-connection without having to re-align each individual fiber as would be required with traditional LC connectors. The advantage of using an MTP/MPO connector over traditional LC connectors is speed – it can reduce your installation time by up to 50%.

The Benefits Of Using An MTP/MPO Fiber Connector

MTP/MPO fiber connectors are becoming increasingly popular among data center managers who need fast, reliable connections between networking devices like routers, switches and servers. They offer several benefits over traditional LC connectors including improved density and scalability, increased speed, improved reliability, lower power consumption, space savings, and cost savings when compared to other cabling methods such as Cat6 or Cat7 cables. Because they are designed for high-speed networks, they can also help improve network performance by reducing latency caused by signal loss or interference from electromagnetic sources such as radios or microwaves. Additionally, because they use fewer components than their LC counterparts, they reduce complexity which further adds to their reliability and cost savings potential.


MTP/MPO fiber connectors are quickly becoming a must-have for data centers due to their speed and reliability compared to traditional LC connectors. Not only do they reduce installation time by up to 50% but they also offer better density and scalability than other cabling methods such as Cat6 or Cat7 cables while consuming less power overall. They are also more reliable due to fewer components which further adds to their cost savings potential while improving network performance by reducing latency caused by signal loss or interference from external sources like radios or microwaves. If you’re thinking about upgrading your data center’s cabling infrastructure then consider investing in an MTP/MPO fiber connector system – you won’t regret it!