TELHUA Production and R&D Capacity is approved by SGS

Good News–SGS, as a third party audit company’s , confirmed our fiber optic junction box and other fiber optic product processing capacity. That is an important milestone in 2021.

In December 2020, our company accepted SGS’s strict one-day audit review. From raw materials IQC, ftth box products processing, like 4 fiber ftth termination box, fiber optic coupler, fiber optic splitter, packaging process, ftth termination box mould R&D design, foreign trade export ability of sales team, auditors carefully check every aspect, every detail, ask relevant personnel operating skills, strain capacity meeting. After half a month’s waiting,  finally received the official report.–congratulation.

We will continue to study fiber optic industry standards conscientiously, strive to innovate, and use our major to make life better.