FTTH 4mm White Indoor Subscriber Cable G657A2

FTTH 4mm White Indoor Subscriber Cable G657A2
FTTH 4mm White Indoor Subscriber Cable G657A2
FTTH 4mm White Indoor Subscriber Cable G657A2


Product Details

FTTH 4mm White Indoor Subscriber Cable G657A2, used for the indoor cabling of buildings, makes it possible to make the terminal connection of the subscribers of FTTH access networks from the indoor optical connection point or the foot of the building to the optical terminal socket.
The subscriber cable is available for the ZMD and ZTD connection in 1, 2 and 4 fiber versions according to the FRANCE TELECOM color code. 250 m crown

Designed with G657A2 fiber and thanks to its flexible 4mm diameter LSZH sheath, the FTTH subscriber cable is easy to handle and is ideal for laying in cluttered ducts and passageways in bulkheads.

Telhua subscriber cords (COR range) have been designed to meet the needs of connection of FTTH access network subscribers. Protected by flame retardant sheaths LSOH, they benefit from excellent mechanical characteristics of crushing and traction, as well as reduced diameters.
The cables of the COR1857 range (four fibers) are characterized by a diameter of 4 mm allowing easy handling and installation …
It is ideally suited for indoor cabling up to the subscriber, bulkhead and slab passages and cluttered ducts. It can be fixed to the walls by gluing and stapling.


• Fiber: single mode G657A2
• Diameter: 4 mm
• Number of fibers: 1 to 4
• Fiber colors: red, blue, green, yellow
• 900um tube for cable 1 and 2 OF
• Tube with tear skin for 4 FO integrating 4 fibers 250 µm
• Peripheral reinforcement in aramid yarn
• Dynamic bending radius: 15 mm
• Tensile strength: 200 N
• Weight: 10 Kg / km
• Packaging: 250 m crown


Câble 4 fibres
Nominal cable diameter (mm) 3.9
Nominal sheath thickness (mm) 0.7
Maximum traction (N) 200
Crush resistance (N / cm) 100
Minimum bending radius (mm) 20
Nominal cable weight (kg / km) 14
Fire resistance Complies with IEC60332-1 (C2)
Temperature range Transport and storage -40 / +70 ° C
Installation -5 / +50 ° C
Operation (exploitation) -5 / +60 ° C
Standard packaging 8.3km reel or 250m crowns
Storage Interior


Model: FOC-4-A

Mode: Single Mode

Fiber: G657A2

Theath: ECA

Diameter: 4mm

Color: White

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