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The ERICSSON MEDIUM TELECOM STREET CABINET is a standard cabinet with a fiber splice box inside. The dimensions of the cabinet are 450mm width x 210mm depth x 1250mm height.


The telecom street cabinet has two doors that open on hinges. It comes with a detachable swing frame in galvanized steel (which can rotate 180 degrees) so you can easily access the splice closure for installation and maintenance purposes. The street cabinet can be locked into either the open or closed position, and it’s also removable in case you need to work on it in a tent or truck.


This street hub is used for both splicing and storing air-blown cables. The bottom cabinet can fix the blow tube, and the upper cabinet is used for fiber splice. The unit can accommodate standard optical cables as well as blown fiber tube cables.

To make the installation of fiber termination boxes quick and simple, the frame has threaded holes. There is also a general hole pattern for mounting other types of equipment.

There are knock-out openings in the cabinet’s side wall for screwing it into other cabinets, as well as press nuts for snow markers. The cabinet has a fixing bar for tubes integrated into the bottom, and doors with a triangular lock to keep items inside secure.


The housing of the street cabinet is made of aluminum for its excellent mixture of strength and lightness, as well as exceptional corrosion resistance. Other metallic parts, like screws and micro ducts, are made from stainless steel. Meanwhile, fiber splice holders use plastic that is compliant with RoHS regulations.

Cable Inlet:

The cable inlet seals and other rubber parts are of EPDM, which is a substance that’s flexible and sturdy, there are 18 holes present as well, and they’re used to keep the cables in place.


TELHUA created the telecom street cabinet to be a sturdy, flexible product that is perfect for outdoor fiber optic installations. The fiber street cabinet can also be attached to other objects like walls and cabinets.


The cabinets come with a base that can be either buried or mounted on a foundation. They can also be easily outfitted with other locks if necessary. Furthermore, they are delivered with a detailed instruction manual that can help guide you through the installation process.


ERICSSON’s MEDIUM STREET CABINETS are designed for outdoor use in FTTH single dwelling and rural broadband, FTTB, ISP new building developments, as well as FTTX infrastructure projects.


Our team of experienced CAD designers and fiber optic installation engineers can customize optic Street Cabinets to specifically meet the requirements of any telecom carrier. We offer a range of options for cooling, power (including digital electricity), and environmental factors, as well as GPON/P2P network hardware, and spliced or pre-connectors fiber deployment, depending on your needs.

  • The fiber street cabinet’s main purpose is to store and allow for easy accessibility of either spliced or patched cables, as well as patchcord storage. It comes with pre-installed mandrels and cable anchor brackets.
  • The cabinet has cable gland plates on both the left and right sides. If needed, additional cable entry glands are available. For more information, see the additional items section below.
  • Cables are anchored and distributed on the left side of the cabinet using ARS and BEM cable anchors. To learn more, refer to the extra materials listed at the bottom of this page.
  • On the right side of the rack, you will findpatchcord storage drums for storing and managing your cables.
  • The optic street cabinet has a seal that protects against dust and water intrusion up to IP54 standards.
  • The standard color is RAL 7044, but other colors are available upon request.
  • Our 300mm plinth with a front access panel makes cable installation and routing easier than ever.
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction means this pitched roof cabinet will last through everything you throw at it.
  • Rated IP55, it features double doors c/w swing handle & 3-point locking to keep your equipment safe and sound.
  • An integral 100mm raised plinth simplifies mounting onto a concrete pad while 4 sets of adjustable 19” mounting profiles in the front and rear make adding equipment quick and easy.
  • A large cable aperture in the base of the cabinet provides ample space for running cables while 2 8-way fan trays fitted inside with external weather cowls help ensure proper ventilation.
  • Powder-coated green is standard but other colors are available upon request.


  • Model: ODC-48A
  • Integrated fibre splice and storage module, full parking and storage area for pigtails
  • Applicable to ribbon cable and non-ribbon cable
  • Separated routing of backbone cable and distribution cable, n0-cross fibre jumpers
  • Convenience for operation and maintenance
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