9u outdoor cabinet

9u outdoor cabinet
9u outdoor cabinet
9u outdoor cabinet
9u outdoor cabinet
9u outdoor cabinet


Product Details

9u outdoor cabinet is the perfect solution for protecting your valuable equipment from harsh outdoor conditions. Designed to accommodate 19-inch rack mount equipment, this cabinet provides ample space for network switches, routers and other electronic components.

Made of high-quality steels, the cabinet is built to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, snow and other environmental factors that can cause damage to your equipment. It features reinforced locking doors that allow you to prevente unauthorized access.

The outdoor enclosue is ventilated to help regulate internal temperatures, ensuring your equipment stays cool and operates at optimal performance levels. The cabinet is also equipped with cable access points on the top, bottom and sides, allowing you to easily run power and data cables into the cabinet.

With its rugged construction and versatile design, the 9u outdoor enclosure is ideal for outdoor installations such as cell tower sites, wireless networks and other applications that require protection from the elements. Whether you want to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure or just want to ensure reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments, this cabinet is the perfect solution.


Model: OAC-9U-B
Dimension: 950*620*370mm
Capacity: 10U
No. of Doors: 1
Color: White
Material: Metal or Stainles

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