45mm fiber protection sleeve

45mm fiber protection sleeve
45mm fiber protection sleeve
45mm fiber protection sleeve
45mm fiber protection sleeve
45mm fiber protection sleeve
45mm fiber protection sleeve


Product Details

This 45mm fiber protection sleeve is created specifically for fiber optic cables, providing durability and safety to the Splices. This product includes a cross-linked polyolefin sleeve for extra protection, a steel rod (ceramic rod available for ribbon fibers) to reinforce the splice, as well as hot fusion tubal inserts to rebuild any damaged coating on the cable. Most importantly, this protector provides the mechanical reinforcement necessary at each joint point while maintaining optimal transmission properties of your Fiber Optic Cable.

The 45mm fiber protection sleeve consists of EVA or PE glue on the inside, and an externally heat-shrinkable polyolefin tube that has been irradiated to crosslink it. There is also a reinforcing pin made from deburred and polished stainless steel.

All sleeves are produced in an ISO 9001:2000 certified factory and meet leading industry standards.

Features & Benefits:

  • All of the materials used in our sleeves are RoHS compliant and able to be sold in complete packs of 100 pcs.
  • Optical fibers are used to transmit light. The splice is the place where the fibers are joined together. The splice needs to be strong so that it can hold the light and not break.
  • This sleeve is easy to use and does not damage the optical fiber during installation. The clear sleeve makes inspection easier.
  • Our one-piece design with a hot fusion insert offers the best seal against moisture and other contaminants.
  • The outer diameter of the steel rod after heat shrink was 3 mm. The outer diameter of the 45mm fiber protection sleeve is 1.5 mm. The inner diameter of the fiber sleeve is 1.3 mm.
  • This sleeve can be used in a temperature range from -55’C to 100’C. The shrink temperature is 120’C. It has a simple mechanism that provides reliable function.
  • You can use and avoid damage to the optical fiber during installation if you keep the operating temperature between -45°C and 100°C. The minimum fully recovery temperature is 120°C.
  • The standard color for this sleeve is clear. It meets the compliance norms of UL224, MIL-I-23053, GR-1380-CORE, and ZN-96 TPSA-006.


  • Model: FSPT-45A
  • Dimension: 45x3mm
  • Shrink Temperature: 110~130
  • Material of Rod: SUS304
  • Material of Tube: EVA
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