42u Rack Server Cabinet

42u Rack Server Cabinet
42u Rack Server Cabinet
42u Rack Server Cabinet
42u Rack Server Cabinet
42u Rack Server Cabinet
42u Rack Server Cabinet


Product Details

The 42u Rack Server Cabinet is desinged for High Density IT Environments.
Telhua’s 42u Rack Server Cabinet is the ideal solution for server, networking and telecom applications. This premium 42U enclosure cabinet is packed with features designed to simplify rack equipment installations and rack equipment maintenance: top-panel cable routing ports, perforated doors to promote efficient airflow, adjustable mounting rails, toolless vertical PDU mounting and more. And as part of the SmartRack family, the NWC-03 is compatible with TELHUA’s vast selection of rackmount accessories, enabling you to customize your solution to meet any requirement.

Product Summary:
42U of rack space
Maximum usable internal depth of 37 inches/94 cm (front to rear rail)
Weight ratings of 3000 lb stationary and 2250 lb rolling
Ships fully assembled for rapid deployment and rolls into place on heavy-duty pre-installed casters

Optimized for Datacenter Applications and Simple Equipment Installation
The NWC-03 is optimized for datacenter and other high-density IT applications. Its massive front-to rear-ventilation capacity meets or exceeds server manufacturer requirements. It features integrated baying tabs that make it easy to combine multiple enclosures in rows for datacenter applications. The NWC-03 is also 100% compatible with today’s state-of-the-art hot-aisle/cold-aisle datacenter configurations.

The NWC-03 is compatible with all standard 19-inch rack equipment. It features front and rear pairs of vertical rails with square mounting holes. Maximum usable internal depth of 37 inches. Adjustment is quick and convenient—simply unscrew the rails, slide them to the desired depth and restore the screws. The rails feature square mounting holes and are capable of supporting up to 3000 pounds of equipment with included installation hardware. Each rack space within the enclosure is numbered for ready reference.

The 42u Rack Server Cabinet ‘S features two adjustable vertical mounting rails that support toolless button-mount 0U installation of compatible PDUs and cable managers. Each rail can accommodate two vertical PDUs or cable managers side by side, for a total of four units per enclosure. These vertical mounting rails make it easier to route power and cabling to installed rack equipment. They also reduce cord and cable clutter that could block airflow through the enclosure.

All components of the 42u Rack Server Cabinet are grounded to the enclosure frame. Front and rear threaded grounding points are provided for connection to the facility earth ground. The removable front and rear doors feature quick-release ground wires.

Easy Access, Vented Top Panel with Cable Ports and Pre-installed Casters
The 42u Rack Server Cabinet is designed to provide a safe, secure installation solution for mission-critical rackmount equipment. It features locking, reversible, removable front and rear doors, perforated to promote efficient airflow, and locking, removable side panels. Locking doors and side panels prevent unauthorized access to installed equipment while making it easy for IT personnel to perform inspections, maintenance and equipment replacement. The side panels are half size (two per side) for ease of removal and reinstallation. The split rear door design reduces clearance requirements for service access, allowing the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall.

The top panel of the 42u Rack Server Cabinet is furnished with vents designed to help remove warm air from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection. It also supports installation of standard user-supplied case fans. The top panel is provided with ports for cable routing, and is designed for quick, toolless removal with no need to disconnect cables. The 42u Rack Server Cabinet is designed with an open bottom to facilitate cable access.

To simplify deployment, the 42u Rack Server Cabinet comes with preinstalled casters and leveling feet. The casters enable the 42u Rack Server Cabinet to be easily maneuvered into the desired location, where it can then be secured in place by adjusting the levelers. The 42u Rack Server Cabinet has a rolling load capacity of 2250 pounds, enabling rack equipment to be installed in the enclosure prior to final deployment. Note: the casters are intended for minor position adjustments within the final installation area only and are not designed for moving the enclosure over long distances.


Model: NWC-03

Dimension: 42U*800*1000mm

Color: BLACK


Type: 42U Network Cabinet Rack, 19 Inch Standard Server Rack

Thickness: 1.7/1.7/1.0mm

Front Door: Arc door with round hole


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