32FO LC MPO Patch Cord

32FO LC-MPO Patch Cord
32FO LC-MPO Patch Cord


Product Details

32FO LC-MPO Patch Cord both side with fan out to offer an easy connection with the patch panel or the network deviser in a data center or any place with concentrate quantity of fiber optic connection. Termination can be adapted as your requirement, 900um, 2mm or 3mm.


  • Model: PT-MPO-B
  • Cable outer sheath: Φ3.0±0.2mm LSZH
  • Outers heath thickness: 1.0±0.1mm
  • Sub cable jacket: Φ1.9±0.1mm LSZH
  • Sub‐cable sheath thickness: 0.35±0.05mm
  • Filling Tube: Φ1.9±0.1mm LSZH
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