14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet

14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet
14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet
14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet
14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet
14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet
14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet


Product Details

If you’re looking for an 14U Outdoor Base Station Cabinet that can protect your valuable wireless equipment, we have just what you need. Our Base Station Cabinets are manufactured to high-quality dustproof and waterproof specifications, making them suitable for use in harsh environments. It’s also compact and easy to install, so you can get up and running quickly. And thanks to our intelligent temperature control system, you can rest assured that your equipment will always be safe and sound.

Climate Control:

Not only is our Base Station Cabinet high-quality, but it also includes a cutting-edge temperature control system. This allows you to maintain your equipment at an optimal temperature, so it’s always safe and reliable.


Different types of base station cabinets are often used in the telecommunications industry, such as wall-mounted enclosures and rack-mounted variants. So if you need an enclosure for eventual 5G expansion, our Base Station Cabinet is a perfect choice. This cabinet is very safe and can be used in any environment.


Base Station Cabinet contains equipment that can cause fires and shocks. For this reason, it is important that the cabinet can protect against these hazards. Our Base Station Cabinet offers unparalleled safety features, including robust steel construction, integrated grounding systems, and corrosion-resistant finishes.


Our base station cabinet can be made of high-quality steel plate with P55 protection to protect equipment against any harm.

Mobile radios:

These base station cabinets protect mobile radios, satellite devices, and other wireless equipment from outdoor elements. With its durable construction and advanced safety features, it is the ideal choice for protecting your valuable wireless equipment cabinet.


Made from high-quality steel and other durable materials, our Base Station Cabinet is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environments. With its compact structure, floor installation design, and corrosion-resistant platform, it’s the ideal solution for protecting your valuable wireless equipment.


Our Base Station Cabinet is an ideal choice for your outdoor telecom needs and comes at an affordable price.


  • This unit is dust- and water-resistant (IP55 compliant), and can be used with air conditioning, a fan, or a heater.
  • The design is anti-theft and comes in either single or double-skin construction. It is made from steel sheeting or aluminum and features 2 x 19″ mounting verticals.
  • Protect your equipment from electromagnetic interference with our EMC-protected enclosures. Our enclosures are designed for maximum thermal and space efficiency and can be bayed together using a baying kit.
  • The stations radio cabinets are completed with a polyester powder coating and come equipped to be placed in 19″ racks.
  • Telhua’s Base Station Cabinet not only protects your equipment but also organizes it, keeping it tidy and easy to use.
  • This radio cabinet will only authorize people to get to the things inside.
  • This design is perfect for high-density usage areas. You can also mount external boxes on the outside of the cabinet for even more space.
  • Radio and Samlex advanced switch-mode DC power supplies were specifically designed for use.


Model: OAC-14U-A

Dimension: 1000x750x650mm

No. Of U: 14U

Copper terminated: Configuration

Color: White

Material: Metal

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