8 cores fiber access terminal box with NFC chip solution

Dear xxx,We found a possible solution.
We send the proposal to the client and he approved it.
I attach images and a video of it:

I also attach a video of how it works.Please see “VID-5 .mp4″They want the NFC to be in a piece that is not removable, and the only one is the base of the product, which does not offer many alternatives.
It may be necessary for client disassemble the internal frame, and this it may collide with the NFC.
Maybe you should make a cut in that area for this.  You can do it in mold or in an artisanal way. We leave it in your hands.

The area where the NFC is located is not very large, so the glue or system that you choose to join it to the base, must be extremely strong so that it never gets lost.

We buy this NFC from TAGSTAD from in China, for other projects, but you can find another provider that offers something similar or smaller. 
I attach a drawing of the NFC mentioned as reference:

We expect your comments.