MU Fiber Optic Patch Cord introduction

MU fiber optic patch cord is fiber optic cable with MU connectors on both side. Optic cable can be G652D, G657A1, G657A2, G657B3, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and with various dimension such as 2mm or 3mm. Because the Mu connector is small, so MU fiber optic patch cord are widely used in Telecommunications.MU connector knowledege

1. MU connector knowledge

MU type connector is the world’s smallest single-core optical fiber connector developed by NTT based on the most used SC type connector at present. The connector uses a 1.25mm diameter sleeve and self-retaining mechanism, and its advantage is that it can achieve high-density installation.

The MU type optical fiber connector is a small single-core optical fiber connector to meet the requirements of customers. It compresses the space required by the panels, wall panels and distribution boxes in the entire network, so that it occupies only half of the space of traditional ST and SC connectors. It is a new type of connector widely used in optical distribution frames.

Using MU’s 1.25mm diameter sleeve, NTT has developed the MU connector series. They have socket type connectors (MU-A series) for optical cable connection; optical transmission equipment motherboard connectors with self-holding mechanism (MU-B series) and simplified sockets (MU-SR series).
With the rapid development of optical fiber networks towards greater bandwidth and greater capacity and the widespread application of DWDM technology, the demand for MU connectors will also grow rapidly.

mu-mu fiber optic patch cord
mu-mu fiber optic patch cord

2. Features of MU optic patch cord

  • Small size
  • High wiring density
  • 1.25mm ceramic ferrule
  • low insertion loss
  • high return loss

3. Application of MU fiber optic jumper

It is mainly used in the fields of telecommunications and data communications, local area networks, wide area networks, optical fiber CATV, optical fiber sensing systems, measuring equipment, and optoelectronic systems.

4. How to calculate the price of MU patch cord

The main cost of MU patch cord including:

  • 2sets MU connector
  • length of optic cable
  • 2pcs Ferruel of MU connector
  • Process cost for MU connector
  • ZIP bag for the mu optic jumper
  • Carton cost

5. Where to buy MU patch cable

The main supplier of MU patch cable including, Commscope, Tyco, Corning, Telhua.

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