Metric (ETSI) Rack Fiber Management Frame Specification of STC TS 3308


1.1 Scope

This specification covers the minimum standards and requirements for the construction, properties and packing of Metric (ETSI) Rack, Fiber Management Frame, to be supplied to Saudi Telecom Company (STC).

1.2 Intended Use

1.2.1 The rack, in compliance with this specification, serves as primary interface between ISP and OSP fiber optic network. The rack shall be used to mount and house Optical Distribution Frames (ODF), compliant with TS 3304 and Optical Splitter Frame (OSF), compliant with TS 3307. The rack may also accommodate other transmission equipment and devices.

1.2.2 The rack shall be installed indoor, i.e., in Exchanges, in Long Distance Access Points, and in Customer’s main fiber cable entry point.

1.2.3 The rack shall be available either as a standard rack or modified rack, where modified rack has wider width to manage indoor cables and patch cords.

1.2.4 The rack shall also be available in small or mini racks for installation at location where smaller capacity of fiber termination is required, such as customer’s equipment room.

1.3 Long Term Performance Requirements

1.3.1 The racks supplied in compliance with this specification shall be capable of withstanding the typical service conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a period of twenty-five (25) years without detriment to the transmission or operation and maintenance characteristics of the products.

1.3.2 The racks shall be designed, manufactured and packaged so that the physical, transmission and operation and maintenance characteristics shall not degrade when exposed to the environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia and the expected environmental conditions during storage and transportation outside of the Kingdom. The environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia may include ambient air temperature variations from -10°C to +55°C. In addition, direct solar radiation is known to increase the temperature to approximately 70°C.

1.4 Reserved Right

1.4.1 The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) reserves the rights to make changes to this Specification without prior notice.

1.4.2 The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) cannot guarantee if any of the standards and requirements of this specification are not covered or protected by copyright or patent of third party.

1.5 Associated Specifications

1.5.1 Various international standards in effect in the country of manufacture, which meet or exceed this specification and any referenced standards, may be submitted for consideration. All such considered standards are to be regarded as forming part of this specification.

1.5.2 The following unattached international and/ or national standards shall be applied, and deemed to be an integral part of this specification:

ETS 300 019:

Equipment Engineering; Environmental Conditions and Environmental for Telecommunications Equipment Tests

ETS 300 119:

Equipment Engineering; European Telecommunication Standard for Equipment Practice.

IEC 60068-2-11

Salt Fog Spray Test.

IEC 529

Degree of Protection provided by enclosures (IP 54 Rating).

ITU-T L17 (06/95)

Implementation of Connecting Customers into the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Via Optical Fibers.

ISO 9001

Quality Systems. Part 1: Specifications for Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing.

1.6 Abbreviations

  • ETSI: European Telecommunication Standards Institute.
  • ITU-T: International Telecommunications Union (Telecommunications Sector).
  • ISO: International Standards Organization.
  • ODF: Optical Distribution Frame.
  • OSF: Optical Splitter Frame.


2.1 General

2.1.1 The rack shall be compatible with Saudi Telecom Company’s rack installation requirements, and operation and maintenance standards and practices.

2.1.2 Any alternative proposals for Type and Acceptance Testing will be subject to technical evaluation by the STC with regards to satisfactory compliance with the material and product qualities implied by this specification.

2.1.3 The rack shall comply with the requirements of ETSI standard 300 119.

2.1.4 The rack shall be floor mounted and allow for side-by-side and back-to-back installations.

2.1.5 The rack shall be designed to allow front mounting of ODF equipment, compliant with TS 3304 and OSF equipment, compliant with TS 3307. Access to all elements shall be possible from the front of the rack.

2.1.6 The rack shall be easy to disassemble and re-assemble for easy installation in different locations.

2.1.7 The rack shall be of high quality design, workmanship and finish. All components of the rack shall be free of sharp edges or other defects that may detract from the service requirements of the rack.

2.1.8 All metal parts of the rack shall be protected against corrosion.

2.1.9 Cable entry or inletting shall be possible both from top and bottom of the rack.

2.1.10 The ETSI rack shall be equipped with additional structure to handle and manage the routing of the indoor cables and patch cord as guide brackets. The routing shall be designed to provide the bend radius protection.

2.1.11 The rack shall be designed with an integrated slack storage unit for extra fiber or patch cord lengths.

2.1.12 All materials, which will come into contact with personnel, shall be non-toxic and shall not be a potential environmental hazard.

2.2 Design Requirements

The rack shall be designed and have provisions for major components and parts, as specified as below.

2.2.1 Rack Housing Materials

System frame manufactured from electrically conductive sheet metal. Frame color light gray as per RAL 7032. Outside dimensions (mm)

Standard: 2200mm(Height) x 600mm(Width Max) x 300mm (Depth)

Modified: 2200mm(Height) x 900mm(Width Max) x 300mm (Depth)

Mini Rack, Type 1: 1600mm(Height) x 600mm(Width Max) x 300mm (Depth)

Mini Rack, Type 2: 1100mm(Height) x 600mm(Width Max) x 300mm (Depth)

Mini Rack, Type 3: 700mm(Height) x 600mm(Width Max) x 300mm (Depth) Design configuration

2.2.2 Rack Frames Front vertical frames

Shall be equipped with metric (535 mm) mounting angles for front mounting with metric (25 mm) pitch ETSI. Rear vertical frames

Shall provide support for rack assembly. Roof frame

  • Painted sheet steel with roof inserts to allow entry of cables and patch cords.
  • Painted sheet steel with inserts to allow entry of incoming cables. Base frame

The bottom plate shall have pre-drilled holes for fixing to a smooth, horizontal floor.

2.2.3 Enclosure Panels Front panels

Painted sheet steel to cover the front vertical frames. Side panels

Painted sheet steel to cover both sides of the rack. Rear panel

Painted sheet steel to cover the rear of the rack.

2.2.4 Earthing Hardware Ground bar

  • Copper ground bar, 20 (W) x 8 mm (D), fixed at and connected vertically on the right side of the rack for a minimum Height of 90% of the rack’s height.
  • The ground bar shall have 6 mm diameter holes, spaced 300 mm apart, to accommodate bonding clamps or terminals for 3-6 mm diameter earthing wires.
  • All metallic parts of the rack shall be electrically interconnected with the ground bar. Resistance between metallic parts and earthing terminal

100 mΏ (with 12V/25A current source according to IEC 60950).

2.2.5 Cable Clamp Pails Application

Height-adjustable for cable clamping, with cable routing at the sides of the rack.

2.2.6 Identification Characters STC logo marking

Molded on the top of the outside surface, as shown in the drawing , with following dimension:
Width : 4 cm
Length : 20.5 cm Manufacturers logo

Molded on n the top of the outside surface, as shown in the drawing.


3.1 Packing

3.1.1 Each rack, with its installation instruction, shall be packed such that all components for a complete unit meet the installation requirements.

3.1.2 All the components/parts for the rack, as described in this specification, shall be provided as a complete assembly and as one packaged unit.

3.1.3 All the components/parts for the rack shall be completely assembled and ready to install.

3.1.4 The rack and its accessories shall be covered with a protective material to prevent scratching or damage during shipping or storage, prior to placing the items into the packing carton.

3.1.5 The final shipping carton shall be of sufficient strength and durability to protect the contents from handling during storage and shipping by land, sea or air.

3.2 Marking

Each individual package and multi-packed carton shall be marked in legible color with the following information, in Arabic and English, on at least two sides of the package and the multi-packed carton box.

  • Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Saudi Arabia
  • Name of Item (conforming to clause 3.3)
  • Mic. No. of Item (conforming to clause 3.3)
  • Unit and Package Quantity
  • Country of Origin
  • Manufactures Name or Trademark
  • Month and Year of Manufacture

3.3 STC Standard Edit Name

  • Rack, ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Standard) – 3146981
  • Rack, ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Modified) – 3147071
  • Rack, ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Mini – Type 1) – 3147082
  • Rack, ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Mini – Type 2 – 3147083
  • Rack, ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Mini – Type 3) – 3147084