Main features of Interior CTOs

The design of interior CTOs will make possible the coupling between the boxes of different operators, forming a set, and the box of the subscriber network allowing the passage of the connection wiring of each operator to the customer network, according to the agreements of the main operators, constituting a shared interconnection point.
Orange establishes three typologies, for which it will use different models, taking into account that the Customer module must be dimensioned 100%:

1. Buildings with more than 16 BUs and up to 24 BUs

  • CTO Client module, up to 24 building wiring termination UUIIs.
  • CTO Operator module up to 24 UUIIs with termination of the GPon network of the Operator.
  • Buildings with more than 24 UUIIs
  • CTO Client module, up to 48 building wiring termination UUIIs.
  • CTO Operator module up to 48 UUIIs with termination of the GPon network of the Operator.

2. Buildings up to 16 UUIIs

  • CTO collapsed that includes the entire solution in a single module of 48 UUIIs.

This type of boxes must comply with:

  • Made of LSZH plastic material and enveloping fireproof quality (UL-94): V-0, it must incorporate a folding adapter panel, to allow access without risk, both front and rear. It will incorporate a hinged door in the passage channel of
  • hoses, which inside allows the labeling of the ports.
  • Minimum degree of tightness IP34
  • It must indicate its dimensions.
  • In accordance with the Vertical Agreement for Buildings with more than 16 UUlls.
  • The cable access system will have up to 4 cable entries with maximum diameter 16mm and will be arranged on the lower part of the left side of the module and must allow the access of cables of the Riser Interior type of up to 48 fo, incorporating fixing elements of the cables that guarantee the fastening of the roof and aramid.

In the 24 UUII version, they may have 2 or 3 depending on the model.

  • Capacity to host 48 client ports.
  • The connection panel will be pivoting, with its axis of rotation at the bottom of the box and the adapters will be located in the patch cord channel.
  • The opening of the front door will have 2 fixing positions at 90º and 180º. It will allow your total opening with other boxes installed in its lower part.
  • The opening of the hose channel will be articulated in 2 leaves.
  • The adapters must be type SC / APC and pigtails of 900μm and 2m in length with G657A2 fiber and SC / APC Grade B connectors (According to IEC).
  • The fiber must be G657A2, both for splitters and Singlemode pigtails.
  • Capacity to house up to 3 splitters.
  • The box must have a 1×16, 1×8, 1×4 splitter, pre-installed and wired to ports.
  • The fusing trays will normally be in a horizontal position on the lid of the access, once opened, to simplify the work of fusion of the wiring and guarantee its final quality.
  • Ability to change the section of the 64 FO cable, for the possible breakage of the operator layout.

Interior ctos must be documented by certificate:

  • Mechanical tests (Impact, traction, torsion, bending and static loads)
  • Climatic tests according to IEC 60068-2-xx (Tª and Hr% fundamentally)
  • Capable of withstanding 500 cash opening and closing operations without damage
  • It must include all the necessary elements for its assembly.
  • It must include all the elements necessary for its operation according to regulations Orange (spliter, pigtails, connectors etc ..)
  • It must come with assembly instructions in Spanish.
  • Must include approved Orange exterior label

Each box will come in initial basic configurations according to the type of building and forecasts penetration of Orange and the elements will be available to adapt to each building and subsequent growth in penetration.

All solutions must have a storage tray, well incorporated in the module, or by installing the module additionally.
This box must allow the storage of tubes in passage.

The operator CTO will have similar characteristics with the difference that the latter
It also has the necessary elements to house up to three splitters pre-connected in tray. 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, and 1×32 dividers can be installed. The outputs of the splitters will be terminated in a SC / APC type connector. The length of the tails of output of the dividers will be 50cm. and in diameter 900 microns, which allows access to the panel of couplers of the client module and properly manage surplus. They will be installed in the trays, and one Splitter per tray.
The operator’s CTO will allow, at least, the storage of 2m of 7 tubes in step and It incorporates enough trays to be able to change the section of a 64 f.o. cable.

In addition, the module will allow the passage of operator cable tubes or individual fibers, suitably protected, by the upper and lower part of the same, towards another module of annex operator, in cases where an expansion of the operator’s network is necessary (installation of additional dividers). When a second installation is required operator module, the access of the ropes or cords of this last module to the Client modules will be carried through the right side of the previous operator module.

The collapsed CTO will have the top of the patch panel to finish up to 16 uuii, and the 16 positions at the bottom of the patch panel to finish the tails of Connectorized splitter.