Indoor Fiber Termination Box Features

The Indoor Fiber Termination Box (FTB), also known as an optical termination box (OTB), is a small size fiber management product. It is widely adopted in FTTx cabling for fiber and cables.


Indoor Fiber Termination Boxes are excellent for providing security to fiber optic pigtails and splices and allowing distribution. Cablix Termination Boxes are mainly used in industrial equipment rooms and telecommunications network.


The wall-mount termination box is designed for either pre-connectorized cables, field connector installation or flexible cable splicing. They offer an ideal solution for the construction of entry terminals, telecommunication cabinets, cross connection, computer rooms and other controlled environments.


In terms of installation environment, there are indoor and outdoor FTBs. Indoor cables act as the transition point between the rising cable and the horizontal cable, thus providing operators with much more cable management flexibility. In addition, FTB interior allows space for extra cable and fiber termination, used as fiber splicing.


The outdoor one is environmentally sealed to distribute the fibers for FTTX networks. They are also designed for fiber splicing, termination, and cable management.





Fiber Terminal Box Features


It contains the covering, the internal structure (support structure, fiber disc system, fixation device) and protective elements of the optical fiber. The prominent advantages of fiber termination box are in the efficiency of the solder cable fixation and its protective role in the fiber optic machinery.


An insulation between metallic cable components and the terminal box in a fiber terminal box is always required, providing a space to store cable and the rest of the fiber. In addition, they also facilitate installation on various occasions as it is easy to access, saving timeand costs.



Applications and uses


It is used in telephone systems, agricultural telephone network system, image and data transmission system, CATV cable television, indoor cable through access connection and power branch.


Fiber terminal boxes are available for distribution and connection termination for various types of fiber optic systems, especially for Mini-network terminal distribution, in which optical cables, patch centers and pigtails are connected. Besides that, it can be applied to splice flexible fiber cable, protect fiber optic junctions, and share connectivity to individual clients.