Fiber Optic Termination Box Rack Mount

Telhua presents a new range of optical passive products for FTTh networks, complete with: rosettes and wall sockets, wall boxes, ODF: fiber optic termination box rack mount, overhead distribution boxes, patch cords and pigtails, adapters, attenuators and dividers, passives Fully assembled PoC / PoP solutions, cabinets and bedside optics.


Fiber optic termination box rack mount designed for indoor use, allow connection between incoming fiber cables and CPE devices. They are designed for easy wall mounting and efficient splice connection, accommodating installation termination of pigtails and providing an interface between the network and the customer device. Our outlets are suitable for FTTh applications both in multi-dwelling buildings and developments (MDU) and in single-family dwellings (SFU). The operator’s logo as well as any other information can be printed on the front cover according to customer requirements.


The fiber optic termination box rack mount designed for outdoor use are intended for the distribution of fiber optics and the connection between service cables and subscriber drop cables. Available in a range of sizes depending on the needs of the operator, they can support 2, 4, 8 and up to 24 ports. Robust, high-resistance boxes with splice trays and optical dividers if necessary.



Fiber Optic Rack Mount 4 RU SCUPC SMF 144 Port FDP Patch Panel


The fiber optic termination box rack mount for fiber optic distribution (ODF) are designed for installation in 19 “racks, having several options available in trays and Patch Panel with 24, 48 and more connection ports. The trays can be supplied both Sliding and hinged, providing optimal access to splices for repair and maintenance, even when the panel is completely full, we also have integrated splice trays fully suitable for SC, LC, FC, ST and E2000 connector types. Our optical distribution racks are compact, lightweight, robust, and high-quality, providing ease of installation and ultimate design for both cross-connect and interconnect applications.


We have also developed a range of aerial boxes, designed for the quick and easy installation of customer’s drop cables on existing aerial poles. They typically support up to 24 connections in addition to splice trays for customer distribution, adapters and cables, as well as inbound and outbound cable management.


For easy pole installation, they feature a pole mounting bracket that incorporates replacement cable management.


All Telhua fiber optic termination box rack mount, sockets and products can be supplied with all types of fiber adapters and patch cords as required. These are installed and tested in our factory to ensure quality and minimize product installation time in the field. All of our products are tested to industry standards and undergo quality checks.


Our splitters or optical splitters are available in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 outputs, as well as in PLC and Box format. All of them in different connectors and types of fiber to provide a solution to any need for personalized distribution. They are supplied in the standard formats of the sector (steel tube, ABS box, LGX, 19 “) or in any other format that the client needs with pre-assembled solutions in trays and boxes.


We also have a wide and complete range of adapters, patch cords and pigtails in different lengths, colors, connector types, as well as different types of fiber and materials for the outer jacket. To complement these products, we have a full range of fiber cleaning products, testing equipment and tools.
To support operator needs in headend and network environments, we also have a range of versatile, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solutions with a wide variety of modules and chassis. These modules can be in the standard LGX format or in chassis and 19 “mounting racks. We have outdoor cabinets to install on the street, in which LGX modules can be installed, which support our wide range of management modules of different lengths waveforms (WDM, CWDM) and our optical distribution modules (Splitter).