Customize Fiber Termianl box in Various Sizes and Colors

Fiber Optic Box is also called Fiber optic terminal box. Fiber optic box is a box that connect incoming cable from central office and output cable to final FTTh user. It protect fiber optic adapter, pigtail and splitters which are inside the termination box.

What are fiber optic box used for?

Fiber optic box is widely used in FTTH, FTTX, CATV application. It can play the role of sealing, protect fiber optic adapters.The fiber optic types are shonw as below

*fiber opitc box for outdoor

*fiber opitc box for indoor

*fiber opitc box for splice

*fiber opitc box for splitter

*fiber opitc box for junction

*fiber opitc box for underground

*fiber opitc box for cabinet

Fiber optic box has weather resistance, can be used for a long time, so to a large extent, this can help it save costs. Its function is to prolong service life of fiber optic network.