Corning Evolv ™ Connectivity Solution with Pushlok ™

Corning Incorporated has introduced new 5G-ready terminals and connectors that are miniaturized to accommodate more fiber connections in smaller spaces. Corning’s hardened connectivity solutions with Evolv ™ technology are designed to simplify fiber deployment for all types of communications networks.

Pushlok hardened connectors are half the size of existing offerings, connecting to terminals that are up to four times smaller.

“With Evolv HC solutions and Pushlok technology, Corning is working with our customers to lower barriers to deploying 5G-ready networks,” said Bob Whitman, vice president of market development for Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications. “More and more often, installers must deploy fiber in tight spaces not originally designed for today’s connection density – and all types of network operators are looking to deploy fiber faster and more economically. That’s why they will find our So valuable miniaturized solutions, wherever they need to go. “

Among the benefits of Evolv’s HC Solutions for network operators:
– Compact and easy to install terminals can be deployed on the ground, on a pole or on a facade … Operators can save by reducing the size of the hand and pedestal holes, reuse existing infrastructure, reduce pole placement rates and streamline permitting.
– Operators can deploy terminals for any type of fiber network up to the facility with minimal visual impact, which can accelerate approval time by local and municipal governments.
– Pushlok technology allows easy one-handed installation, with tactile and audible feedback. Evolv lightweight terminals streamline aerial and façade installation and improve utilization of congested conduits and handholds.

Fiber Optic SC APC green Color 4.2mm Black G657A2 G652D PVC LSZH PE SM Pigtail fiber optical pigtail
Fiber Optic SC APC green Color 4.2mm Black G657A2 G652D PVC LSZH PE SM Pigtail fiber optical pigtail