Clear Track Fiber Pathway Solution

The Clear Track Fiber Pathway provides an aesthetic pathway for indoor residential or office applications. The pathway captures and routes a single 900 μm Clear Fiber to the desired outlet or terminal location, while remaining virtually invisible. Clear Track Fiber Pathway features a Telhua proprietary, clear adhesive backing material with an easy-peel liner. Application involves no staples, no heat, no liquid adhesive or bulky raceways. To install, simply remove the liner and apply the adhesive backed surface to a wall near the ceiling or a baseboard.


clear fiber


TELHUA proprietary, clear adhesive backing Easy installation without the use of staples, liquid adhesives or heated tools.
Field removable fiber TELHUA 900 μm Clear Fiber can be removed easily to extend, or re-route per customer needs without damaging wall surface.
Simple installation Effectively train crews for consistent, repeatable results. Multi-surface application Secure installation to many surfaces including latex and oil paints and wall paper.


The TELHUA 900 μm Clear Fiber can be easily laid and captured within the TELHUA Clear Track Fiber Pathway with the TELHUA Clear Track Fiber Installation Tool. The flexible, continuous telhua Clear Track pathway can be easily routed around corners as well as radiused or irregular surfaces, without any accessories or corner pieces. The unique fiber restraints and conformable adhesive help capture and provide durability to the fiber.

Telhua Clear Track Fiber Pathway Wall Surface Compatibility Test Results
Wall Surface Type
Painted Smooth Surfaces
Flat Latex
Semi-gloss Latex
Glossy Latex
Semi-gloss Alkyd
Painted Textured Surfaces:
Light Stucco & Cement Block
Flat Latex
Semi-gloss Latex
Glossy Latex
Semi-gloss Alkyd
Wallpapered Surface
Plain Paper
Vinyl Coated
Wallpapered Surface
Polyolefin Woven
Unfinished and/or Unpainted Brick,
Concrete, or Block


TELHUA Clear Track Fiber Pathway Specifications
Material Adhesive-backed Polymer Resin
Color Clear
Paintability Paintable with either latex or oil-based paint. Painting Clear Track pathway makes fiber placement
permanent and not re-routable.
Certifications The TELHUA Clear Track Fiber Pathway product has been listed to the requirements of UL 2024:
Cable Routing Assemblies and Communications Raceways and CSA C22.2 No. 262 Optical Fiber
and Communications Cable Raceway Systems – FT4.
Installation Conditions TELHUA Clear Track Installation:
16°C to 38°C (61°F to 100°F) on a clean, dry surface. Suggested to maintain relative
humidity below 85% to prevent surface condensation.
Allow the TELHUA Clear Track Pathway duct and accessories to acclimate for 24 hours at
recommended product installation temperature prior to install.
Note: For optimum curing of the adhesive, hold recommended installation temperature
conditions for 72 hours after product installation.
Storage Conditions The TELHUA Clear Track Pathway has a shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacture
when stored at 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C) and 0–95% relative humidity. The optimum
product storage conditions are 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity.
Operating Temperature 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C)
UV Resistance Conforms to indoor requirements per ASTM G 154. 1000h, UV-A 351nm.


Simple to deploy

Our 900 µm Clear Fiber – ultra bend-insensitive fiber – can be quickly inserted using the handy installation tool. The fiber can then be terminated with a field-mounted mechanical connector or splice


Smarter shuttered patch cords and wall plates

Fiber Connection Box